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Dr. John

Masters of the universe

 Your Email about the Masters Circle was so funny I was rolling.  After regaining my composure I was appalled and embarassed that these self prescribed leaders in our profession support this kind of quackery.

Is it any wonder why we are still at the bottom of the healthcare ladder?  Only the self delusioned think otherwise.

And then they brag about King Guy bringing another one of these quacks in to teach students how to operate a practice.  Anyone who dosen't see this as a problem is so dim-witted that thier is no hope for them, and the rest of us, as we are always goping to be compared to these "businessman on the hustle" types by our detractors.

I guess I'll just pray that we do something radical and divide this profession into two factions.  Until then I can only hold my head down in embarrassment when rational folks bring  this subject up when I tell them I'm a DC.



Here's the letter from Garth Aamodt that John's referring to:

After attending the FCER conference this last weekend on Translating Evidence Based Research into Practice, I returned to my office to find this email from Garth Aamodt, a long-time Reformist in this profession. I couldn't stop laughing at his gentle sarcasm about Larry Markson's choice to invite Eric Pearl to speak at his Masters' Circle. In this day of EBP, his choice flies in the face of the trend to evidence and away from cultism.
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From: [Dr. Garth Aamodt]  
Sent: Friday, September 15, 2006 7:13 PM
Subject: Incredible Hubris

Dear Sirs;
I noted a flyer that came to my office from Dr. Eric Pearl, D.C., with "Reconnective Healing".  I note his flyer mentions he is the "Special Keynote Speaker" at your October 26-28 Masters' Circle Conference in Orlando FL.  I looked up Dr. Pearl at his website out of curiosity and noted the following;

  1. His gift of healing was given to him by an old gypsy woman he met on the beach in California.  (Didn't I see this in a movie?  Or a song?  Oh yeah--"Love Potion #9"!)
  2. His office does not perform the traditional chiropractic--where you actually adjust patients--instead they have angels that do their work.  One is an Indian Princess.  Another is a brightly colored parrot.  One is an Indian Shaman.  One is named "George".  Sometimes white-lab-coated doctor-angels gather around the patient.  Probably for the really sick sycophants who need extra cosmic healing power.  I wonder--does that cost extra?
  3. He doesn't even touch his patients.  They heal by distant-channeling of the great cosmic frequency, which only old gypsies and Dr. Pearl know how to use.
  4. He travels the globe 40 weeks a year to teach you how to be a gypsy-chiropractor-shaman-magician-healer too.  Don't forget your check book, please.
  5. Dr. Pearls hand have had stigmata signs, but he explains they're small and hard to see.  Yeah...sure.  Well, at least it's nice to see that even non-Christians can have their palms bleed.  I always did think that was a little too "Christian".
  6. Patient's can be healed without even being in his office, just by his ability to send mental telepathic waves to them.  He calls this "all inclusive spectrum of healing frequencies."  I think it use to be called radionics, till they were all put in jail by the FDA for fraud.
  7. He can cure cancer.
  8. He can cure AIDS-related diseases (but I guess not AIDS itself.  Drat!)
  9. He can cure cerebral palsy.  Stupid me, I thought that was brain damage that resulted in irreversible cellular CNS lesion.  Why do colleges teach that silly physiology crap anyway?
  10. He can cure birth disfigurements.  Wait a minute...what?...Birth defects!?!?  Even B.J. and D.D. themselves didn't have that kind of hubris! 
  11. He's from Southern California.  So...I guess this is normal there.  But here in "fly-over" country, in the good ole-days, we use to burn these folks at the stake.

Oh, I could go on.  His web site certainly does.  For pages and pages he drones on describing the angels that float through his office, bright spectral colors and the universal wisdom that flows through his humble, blood-stained and blistered hands.  My eyes moisten even now as I think on it!
And he...Dr. Eric Pearl...his omnipotent and mighty your keynote speaker in Orlando.  (Pregnant pause...)  Ummm, I'm hearing the crickets chirp on my end of this conversation.  Is there head-hanging, chagrin and embarrassment on your end?  May I also ask, what flavor of kool-aid this profession is drinking out there in the Masters' Circle?  Has the world gone mad?  Or is it just confined to you guys?  The fact that you promote this kind of lunacy speaks volumes about you.  "By their fruits ye shall know them".  And this is about as "fruity" as it gets!
Please.  Save yourself 39 cents.  Don't ever, ever, ever send me any "Master's Circle" crap again.  I hate to see you waste your pretty shiny paper.  I would never darken your door in a million years.  Birds of a feather flock together, and apparently the hooty owls and bats have taken roost in your belfry.  But I do thank you for confirming my suspicion that most people who hold themselves out as superior are narcissistic super-ego loony-toons with a Messiah complex.   I don't know whether to weep or laugh.  Go away children.  Stop bothering the grown-ups.
Dr. Garth Aamodt, D.C.
Grand Rapids, MI



i saw him on tv and got interested in his "teories"

soon I got bored on his website, what a fraud

you explained it so lovely!



Well I can tell you its real, but my problem is its TOO real. My healing has gone on for 4 years, non-stop, these strings are moving around, I cant get any peace. I am so worried because I want it to finish. It is unpredictable and I cant get any help. Its like getting kidnapped. Pam

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