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Clara Parks

Dr. Michael Reid, President of WCA in Canada

This Describes my first encounter with Dr. Michael Reid, President of the WCA in Canada. I'm also posting a letter he wrote which shows his enthusiasm for bringing in New Patients..all in the name of health mind you

First I want to say that I have gone to chiropractors for years and have had good results...that being said....I recently went...(just to find another chiropractor actually as the one I'd been seeing was too rough)to the Hampton Chiropractic Clinic in Ottawa. All very high tech and friendly, all kinds of team spirit. I had X rays done, was asked to sign something (I did, but I have no idea what it was, and plan to find out) I had earlier been told that the first visit with the consultation and xrays was $65 which is what I was charged but then I was shown that it actually cost $275...but I was given this price. In my books, a price is a price, unless there's some sort of sale happening. Then was told that I should come back on a Wednesday night for an hour long group meeting to explain their approach and then afterward I was to see "Dr. Mike". I managed to get out of that, and Dr. Mike did an adjustment (I was very pleased with it, gentle and effective and removed pain) and then I was given a video to watch when I got was this DVD that prompted my search on the net, as I felt I was watching the Billy Graham AmWay chiropractic, a full discourse on anti vaccines, and promoting spinal manipulation as the be all and end all and cure all of everything from bloat to cancer. Dr. Mike also mentioned on the DVD that the clinic is Christian based, and they are do-gooders (my words, not his)...I'd already referred to my office visit in a joke with a friend as "The cult of chiropractic"....then I saw the video. I suspect there are package deals, he made reference to how long it took to 'straighten" a back,..three to five years...right! The whole thing just freaked me out.

Dr. Mike also has "Be all you can be" weekend workshops that cost $1200 where you do "trust" stuff like have team members dangle from trees until they 'trust" the others. The whole "revival" presentation of this guy, the testimonials, the "cures" they'd been to Lourdes....YUCK.

I've had good results from treatments, I've had minor results from treatments and I've met some weirdo chiropractors...Any news on this group???

I took it upon myself to research on the net....I was surprised, dismayed, and frightened by what I found. The World Chiropractic Alliance...for one, Terry Rondberg for another and then several letters by the man I saw Dr. Mike Reid, and finding out that he's the President of the WCA here in Canada.

I'm looking for a good chiropractor that isn't trying to "save " me. I just want spinal manipulation, not mental.



The guy is a fraud period.  From the way he runs his practice to the way he conducts his seminars.  His methods are based on bullying  his patients and client chiropractors into  lengthy and expensive programs which are only designed to fatten his wallet.   He is currently facing a lawsuit and just had his license suspended for bullying another chiropractor.  Shame on WCA for associating with this fraud.  No wonder the chiropractic profession has been losing more and more credibility in Canada.  

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