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Tribute to Sid Williams

Bizarre Life


JC Smith, MA, DC

Warner Robins, GA



Few Atlantans have forgotten the turmoil in 2002 when Life University lost its accreditation causing thousands of students and faculty to flee to other colleges. Despite the hallow claims of the embattled Life administration blaming the accreditation agencies, the regional Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the federal Council of Chiropractic Education (CCE), both had placed Life on public sanction for numerous violations.


CCE and SACS discovered that many on staff had no professional experience in the field; problems in its student clinic revealed poor diagnostic skills and inexperienced clinical instructors, many of whom had just graduated; and too few qualified instructors (PhDs) in the classroom.


The facts were clear that Life had become a college run by academic imposters headed by its founder and president Sid Williams who the editors of the AJC also discovered had a compensation package of $900,923in 1997, more than the combined salaries of both the presidents of Harvard and Yale.


High tuition and low quality education characterized Life University. Rather than a college seeking excellence in the classroom, Life was a diploma mill on steroids fueled by federal student loans that engorged Life to become the largest chiropractic college in the world before its bust in 2002.


The damage done to the colleges students and faculty was pale in comparison to the damage Life caused to the image of the entire chiropractic profession, most of whom did not support the antics of Sid Williams and his nepotic clan of academic imposters. Indeed, Williams has always been a black sheep within the mainstream chiropractic community and few tears were shed with the loss of accreditation. Many chiropractors hoped this would stop the flood from this diploma mill into Georgia, only now to see this college be revived from near death under its new president.


One would think the Board of Trustees at Life would have learned its lesson with an academic awakening, but apparently not Life is back on track with the same goals to be the biggest with the highest paid president. Lifes newest president, Guy Riekeman, has mirrored Williams with a salary of $753,106,  second in Georgia only to James Wagner, the president of Emory University, and higher than the salaries of the presidents of UGA, Georgia State University, Medical College Of Georgia, and Georgia Tech. Of course, Riekeman is now the highest paid chiropractic college president in the world despite his lack of a PhD in higher education.


To the further disbelief of many within the chiropractic profession, Riekeman has announced January 28 as Founders Day to pay tribute to Sid and Nell Williams. This shocking tribute does not come without a price, literally and figuratively speaking, inasmuch as zealot sycophants of Williams have allegedly donated a 7-figure amount for this objectionable gesture.


This bribe may sway Lifes administration, but it can only be viewed by the public and the mainstream chiropractic profession as a bizarre recognition to the man who nearly destroyed it. This absurdity is equivalent to a freed Iraq paying homage posthumously to Saddam. No amount of money can overcome the irony to honor the very people who left Life in ruins and the professions image in tatters.


Obviously an academic awakening cannot happen until Life embraces a new moral awakening. This tribute shows that Life has not learned this important lesson after its brush with death in 2002. Apparently Life is willing to take this bribe and embarrass itself once again, pour salt in the wounds of the mainstream chiropractic profession, and show the public that Life is headed again down the same path that led to disaster. Regrettably, Life University remains in many ways a bizarre example of higher education.



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