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Gentempo's Army of Morons

I will use this thread to make a merciless blitzkrieg on Gentempo and his brain dead, mind numbed, Purple Kool-Aide drinking, sychophants.

However, to set this up, please consider the following:

Gentempo is ACA's Merit Awardee Reply Quote



Dr. Gentempo has previously been named the 1998 Chiropractor-of-the-Year by the World Chiropractic Alliance and a Distinguished Fellow by the International Chiropractors Association as well as their Postgraduate Educator-of-the-Year. He has also been honored with the American Chiropractic Association's Presidential Award of Merit.

As we are going to see in this confusing web, JC Smith, who adores and champions the ACA, slams Gentempo six ways from Sunday for years....Then he tries to present him as a credible witness against Dr Terry Rondberg.

If that's not stupid enough, Smith bites his lip as his ACA praises if they hadn't been listening to Smith all this if they hadn't noticed that Smith has been attacking Gentempo for years...Big impact Smith has, eh?



I just finished reading the letter from NASA's attorney in which she clearly stated the accusations made by TR in his yellow rag were false and must be changed.

Once again, TR has been exposed as a liar willing to disseminate any misinformation he can to demean his competition, as noted in the attorney's letter too.

It's so sad a megalomaniac like TR has any voice in this profession since he's become a joke, but an unfunny one.

Philip Adams


I don't under people like this....  first of all, they post something that is incorrect AND they are unwilling to post it with their name... so they post it as "Anonymous." 

A typical internet trash talker. 

Patrick Gentempo has changed my life.... thus this post.

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