Post Info TOPIC: TR vs. PK: Part 3

TR vs. PK: Part 3

Let me summarize:

1.         CLA has not made any misrepresentations to NASA.

2.         CLA applied for and was granted Space Certification for the Insight. Our Space Certification is valid and in full force (click link to see letter from the Space Foundation).

3.         Space Certification is not the same as NASA Spinoff status. CLA did not apply for NASA Spinoff status - NASA gave it to us after performing its own due diligence.

4.         The Space Foundation, a non-profit entity, DOES work in cooperation with NASA.

5.         The Insight is manufactured in an FDA registered facility and is an FDA-registered Class II medical device. The registered indications for use are consistent with our chiropractic applications and protocols. Documentation can be accessed per:

6.         There is no reason to believe that any doctor is legally or financially at risk for promoting the Insight based on its Space Certification and status as an FDA Registered, Class II Medical Device. These are facts. It is really a low-brow tactic for a competitor to try to scare our clients in such an unscrupulous way.


I think our competitors actions and motives here are quite transparent. I trust your ability to judge for yourself.

CLAs track record speaks for itself. I invite you to check the facts. CLAs passionate purpose is to support you by revolutionizing the practice and perception of chiropractic worldwide. We envision world leadership of healthcare in a chiropractic model. We care about you, the DC and staff in the field, working hard to bring the chiropractic lifestyle to those in your community. The last thing we need is this kind of undignified behavior dragging everyone down while those perpetrating it try to increase their personal gain at the expense of every hard working chiropractor. Check the facts. Read the literature. Call if you have questions.

In closing, I again ask all the friends and clients of CLA to please stand up for us by setting the record straight for anyone you come in contact with that brings this issue up and to further express your outrage toward those who are trying to undermine what is good for this profession and its future.

I love and appreciate you all as we work together to create better success for you, your patients, and chiropractic worldwide.

On Purpose,


Patrick Gentempo, Jr., D.C.

Click this link for additional supportive documentation.


JC Smith, MA, DC
1103 Russell Parkway
Warner Robins, GA 31088
"I have lived with several Zen Masters... all of them cats."




You are nuts! All over this freaking website, you have called Gentempo a liar and now you paint him as this star witness, full of credibility, against Dr Rondberg! That is sooo dishonest of you!

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