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Rondberg Roasts Triano

The following was written in the 90's,but rings as true today as ever:
Dr Terry Ronberg:


Dear Editor:

In your article, "Chiropractic in the Print Media," July 16, 1992 issue of Dynamic Chiropractic, you examined a recent issue of Health Magazine and reprinted several statements made by Dr. John Triano in that publication. Since you failed to call him to task for totally misrepresenting and publicly denigrating our profession, I feel compelled to do so.

In his desire to drape himself in the cloak of scientific superiority, Dr. Triano irreparably damaged the profession he is supposed to represent. Was he so double-blind he couldn't see how his pitiful attempts to position himself as the noble scientist -- and paint Sid Williams, DC as a religious zealot -- would hurt our cause? Didn't he care?

It is outrageous that, while the majority of the profession works hard to convince the medical community and the public that chiropractic is an effective health care system, Triano used his platform to announce to the world: "There is evidence that the main tenets of chiropractic are not true."

With that single statement, this so-called "chiropractic" researcher dismisses and condemns the principles upon which our profession was founded. He rejects 80 percent of what our colleges teach and most of what our field doctors do in their practices every day.

He ignores the scientific evidence he claims to revere: that the vertebral subluxation exists and affects function. Boldly embracing the medical paradigm he publicly disavows the vitalistic philosophy of chiropractic. He arrogantly disregards the tremendous research done at Life College and at chiropractic educational research institutions around the world. He rejects as irrelevant the practical experience of some 50,000 doctors and the findings listed on more than 40 million Medicare claims and millions of insurance filings.

Triano works at and is paid by a chiropractic college. He claims to have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to measure the force of a chiropractic adjustment, yet declares that the tenets of chiropractic are false. The hypocrisy of his words and actions should be an embarrassment to his employer, National College. Instead, his comments entitle him to national coverage and a pedestal from which he can continue to lambaste the profession which supports him. And for his efforts, he's paid more than many field doctors make in practice.

From his insulated ivory tower of so-called research, Triano deliberately attempts to misrepresent Dr. Sid Williams' anti-medical bias and anti-science. He apparently shares the belief, held by some overly vocal PhDs in our profession, that "chiropractic doesn't work," and that real scientists don't mention the "c" word. No doubt he applauded the RAND Corporation's recent announcement that its landmark research project wasn't about chiropractic but about "manipulation."

Despite the tremendous progress chiropractic has made in the past decades, Triano refused to acknowledge that "science" and "medicine" are not synonymous, and that the research done by our own profession into the subluxation is no less valid merely because the medical establishment fails to recognize it.

Triano told the magazine that the difference between he and Dr. Sid Williams is his "willingness to accept that we don't know what is going on." That's one statement I can agree with wholeheartedly: When it comes to chiropractic, he doesn't know what's going on. How he can continue to represent the profession and hold a position of leadership in one of our colleges, is the true mystery.

As for Dr. Sid Williams, he has worked 40 years to promote and defend chiropractic. He has dedicated his own personal resources, as well as the resources of Life college, ensuring the progress of our great profession. When Triano told the magazine that, "People like Sid Williams believe they have the answer, ..." again he was right. People like Williams do have the answer. It's found in the art, science, and philosophy of chiropractic. Not only will I never be ashamed of that truth, I will proudly speak and live it always as Dr. Williams and many others have done.

Terry Rondberg, DC
Chandler, Arizona




The main tenets of Chiropractic are not true, Dr Triano? Have you contacted your state and national boards to this effect?

Not only do the boards not believe you, Dr Triano, but if what you say is true then all these chiropractors, including the examiners themselves, are committing health care fraud. Students are wasting multiplied millions of dollars learning chiropractic philosophy and techniques. And what about the patients wasting all this time, money, and hope?

For crying out loud, Dr Triano! All this is going on and all you do is attack Dr Rondberg? Are you freaking crazy? If what you believe is true, 80% of the profession ( more like 90% if you go by the Northern Ohio study, is engaged in quackery! And you single out Dr Rondberg??? That's just plain stupid! Go freaking write a letter Vern Temple! Or Bud Smith!....And see what they have to say about all this....You know, since Bud Smith of the NBCE/FCLB has a diagram of the safety pin cycle on his business website!

And what do you make of Clum ( president of the WFC) and the president of Canadian Memorial praising Williams for all the wonderful influence he has had on them??

All this is going on and you single out Dr Rondberg?....pretending, along with Perle et al. that this profession has been medicalized?

It's sooo stupid. Leave Dr Rondberg alone or you will continue to look like an idiot whether you work with MDs or not.

One of Chiropractic's most prolific researchers, Cheryl hawk, embraces the same vitalism that Triano proclaims as intellectually irresponsible. So do the bulk of the state and national why should one think Triano and his cronies are the real leaders in this profession?

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