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Is Perle a Moonie?

Is Perle actually a Moonie or is he just on their payroll? As many are aware, the chiropractic college which employs Perle is owned by the Moonies.

Now this not to say that the education at Bridgeport is necesarily poor for this reason. It does, however, mean that Perle has no problem receiving money from one of the worst cults in America. That is, while Perle postures himself as the premier (read high and mighty) ethicist in chiropractic, he participates in and promotes cultism.

He does this while pointing the finger at everyone with traditional chiropractic beliefs....poking fun of them...and referring to them as religious zealots.

But why is it not ok, according to Perle, for one doctor to profit from, say, Scientology while Perle himself gets paid by cultists?

When one puts any thought into it, he or she can see that this is:

1) Just plain stupid.
2) Hypocritical
3) Severly undermines his ( very questionable) committment to ethics

As the facts bear out, Perle is just as willing to profit from cultism as the people at which he points the finger. If Perle were a Moonie, he would be wrong, but if he agrees that the Unification Church is cultic, then it's even worse from an ethical standpoint. So which is it? Is he a cult member or does he just benefit and support it?

So we can see Perle's great penchant for ethical compromise. It makes one conclude that his attacks on Dr Terry Rondberg aren't really based in ethics at all.

In fact, whether he's right or wrong, Dr Ronderg is exceeding honest about his motives and beliefs. For this, we honor him and recognize him as being a true leader.

Perle, on the other hand, is two faced.

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