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Once again the leading political obstructionist in the chiropractic world, the most reviled yellow journalist this profession has ever known, and the dictator-for-life of the sham WCA, the infamous Terry Rongberg, has raised his voice of demagoguery once again to vilify those who oppose the sham WCA-led German weekend course on chiropractic led by a non-academician and WCA sycophant, Mark Styers.


TR’s use of the power of the media to distort, to misinform, and to misrepresent the truth with his recent email mass mailing illustrates the depths of unethical journalism this man will stoop to in order to deceive this profession. Indeed, this certainly is not the first time this sociopath, like al Qaeda using al Jezeera, has used the mass media to mislead field docs as he does regularly with his free tabloid, The Chiropractic Journal, the laughingstock of the chiro media.


Lest I remind all: TR has been denounced not only by the ACA’s HOD for his sham WCA being a phony impersonation of a chiro org, but as well, 14 foreign nations have denounced TR’s unwanted interference in their legislative affairs. Sadly, this sociopath actually thinks he represents the voice of this profession and has no qualms about voicing his opinion to anyone, regardless if it’s wanted or not. In fact, TR is a misfit Evil Vendor trying to persuade buyers to his products by using a fictional threat to their love of this profession—classic demagoguery used by other misfits like Big $id.


TR now wants to establish a foothold in Europe so he and his WCA cronies, Kent, Gentempo, McCoy, can sell their products and disseminate their hate-straight, “principled,” chirovangelism to confuse more DCs. Hopefully the legitimate chiro orgs like the ECU and the WFC will be able to stop this demagogue’s hope to ruin another country’s concept of chiropractic.


Enjoy my responses in blue to TR’s sick misrepresentation of the facts in this German debacle. Read and weep at this sick journalist's attempt to distort the truth once again.


The opponents of subluxation-based chiropractic [I thot that modern chiropractic care is patient-centered, not BOOP-centered. Come on, TR, get with the 21st century, ya folla?] appear to be mobilizing for a global assault, targeting those countries where the profession is still unlicensed [he’s talking about his own strategy, right?] or the dominant chiropractic organization is aligned closely with the more medical [competent, evidence-based] paradigm espoused by the World Federation of Chiropractic [the real leader in worldwide chiropractic].


[Geez, the sh*t is getting knee deep again in TR’s blathering of lies. First of all, the beef by the legitimate opponents of this WCA exploitation of German chiropractic by a phony non-educator is not an attack on “subluxation-based chiropractic” as TR contends. His suggestion is a clear example of his use of demagoguery to incite “sub-based” field docs with emotional outbursts to stir their emotions. What the WFC and ECU want is for this phony educator, Styers, to stop selling chiro degrees at his weekend course.]

In Germany, for instance, harassment against the small but growing group of principled chiropractors intensified after the German affiliate of the World Chiropractic Alliance (WCA-Germany) held its first Summit last year at the Interalpen Hotel in Austria.


[“small but growing group of principled chiropractors”—more bullsh*t by TR. Just what are the actual numbers, Rongberg? Can you count or not? Or will he refuse to answer just as he never gives the real number of his WCA membership, which is estimated at 250, which is pathetic considering he’s been soliciting his WCA via his tabloid to 60,000 DCs for nearly 20 years, and after all this effort his non-voting membership is only a few hundred? Indeed, how can this charlatan then announce his group is a leading chiro org when, in fact, my own Galactic Online Alliance outnumbers his sham WCA? Just another example of journalistic fraud by a sociopath willing to lie to anyone about anything.]

Mark Styers, DC, an American-trained doctor of chiropractic who promotes subluxation-centered [what about patient-centered care or is that not the “principled” thing to do?] chiropractic in Germany and who heads the WCA-Germany [how many members: one or two?], also offers basic chiropractic training through his American Institute of Chiropractic. [So, what academic credentials does Styers have? None whatsoever, but that’s okay to TR since he’s got his hand in the pot selling malpractice insurance, seminars, and products to unsuspecting lay practitioners.] He clearly explains that, while his long-term plan is to open a fully accredited chiropractic college in Germany, [how can Styers do this when he’s not credentialed in higher education? But then I forget: Guy Riekeman isn’t either!]  the program he now offers “is not intended to replace a Doctor of Chiropractic program.” He carefully explains that graduates of the program are not doctors of chiropractic, but may qualify to serve as a lay practitioner. [And become direct competitors to real DCs. What’s wrong with this picture, TR? Oddly, for a chump who harps about “principled” chiropractic, obviously that principle doesn’t include legitimate training or education.]

In Germany, chiropractic  -- or chirotherapy as it is called there -- may be performed by MDs who have taken a series of supplemental courses. In addition, “lay health practitioners” -- also known as chiropractitioners or Heilpraktikers -- may provide a wide range of chiropractic or quasi-chiropractic services. [Geez, TR, is this the “principled” thing to do to allow “quasi-chiro services”? If any other org sponsored this, TR would be catatonic, but when he profits by it, it’s okay, ya folla?] Even individuals with DC degrees from accredited chiropractic colleges in the US, Canada or Europe practice as chiropractitioners. [So, TR has found a loophole that hasn’t closed yet for him and his WCA cronies to exploit. Perhaps TR will go to Timbuktu next to start a chiro college in the Dark Continent.]

The World Chiropractic Alliance has supported a move to license chiropractic as a separate and unique [more buzz words to illicit emotions: of course chiro is “separate and unique” since the mainstream health care system wants nothing to do with the unique cult of chiropracTIC, ya folla?] health care field in Germany, and has worked with the World Health Organization to develop a “model” chiropractic statute that would safeguard the rights of patients to obtain subluxation correction through a recognized and trained doctor of chiropractic. [Wait a minute: what about TR’s support for “quasi-chiropractic” in Germany? Is this the model of a “recognized and trained doctor of chiropractic”?]


[In regards to the WHO, no one in the WHO takes the WCA seriously since the WFC, an 80+ member union of legitimate national orgs, is the real spokesman for this profession. Even the WCA’s phony NGO status has been questioned since not once as any WCA member done any field work such as sending DCs to help in Iraq as hundreds of real NGOs have done. In fact, TR uses his NGO status only as a PR ploy to mislead field docs since it’s never actually done any real work to help the downtrodden people in disaster areas, ya folla? Logon to to learn more about this ruse.]

Until such a law is passed, however, the nation offers few educational opportunities that include any information on subluxation-based chiropractic. [So have them come to the USA or go to the British chiro college as many already do.] According to Dr. Styers, the goal of the American [Wrongberg] Institute of Chiropractic was to provide such information. [Okay, stop laughing. Again, who developed the curriculum? What educational standards are used? I could continue, but this program will most likely resemble Rev. Reggie’s Church of the Divine Spine, not a legitimate academic institution, but a sham selling dogma and technique.] “Right now, there exists no recognized program for people who want to learn the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic in a German-speaking country,” he explains. [And there still isn’t, ya folla, since this program is a total farce.] “What we are offering to our students is knowledge. [Okay, stop laughing again. “Knowledge” of what: the sham WCA’s sick beliefs espoused by the sociopathic dictator, TR?] We are not offering any type of certification or diploma currently. Our students come to us already legally able to practice chiropractic here in Germany. Our students are Medical Doctors and Heilpraktikers. This is not a program for non-health care workers.” [What respectful MD would pay money to this phony? Perhaps this replaces the Papa Doc Caribbean Med School.]

Still, he has come under repeated attacks by opponents, [and rightfully so!] including at least one recent graduate of Palmer college who has set up a practice in Germany. Gordon Janssen, who attended parts of the 2004 German Summit, accused Styers of “being willing to sell out our profession for their own profit.” [Sounds right to me and to most rational DCs who appreciate higher education and who smell a fraud here.] Making a variety of unsubstantiated claims [then prove that they are unsubstantiated, TR.] based on his supposed discussions [either he did or he didn’t, so prove it, TR] with Styers, Janssen is spreading the rumor [truth] that Styers “is offering to turn lay-practitioners into ‘qualified chiropractors’ in only 52 days, because that is what his 26 weekends over 2 years come to.” [Sounds right to me, TR, so what’s your point?]

He also is attempting to include the World Chiropractic Alliance, and its president [dictator for life] Terry A. Rondberg, DC, in his smear campaign. [isn’t it odd that TR writes about himself in the third person?] “We can not allow people like Dr. Styers or Dr. Rondberg to sell out our profession,” he stated in a recent letter that was reportedly submitted to Dynamic Chiropractic for publication. [This is true, TR, so why are you ducking his claim? You were present at the initial meeting, trying to sign up these naïve students who don’t know you’re the anti-Christ of Chiropractic, ya folla?]

Although refusing to launch a counter attack, [because he has no ground to stand on] Styers suggested that the reason for Janssen’s animosity may simply be economics. [Here comes the demagoguery again: if you object to these chirovangelists, as I’ve found, then you’re accused of being: 1) self-loathing, 2) incompetence as a practitioner, 3) medical-minded, 4) unhappy, 5) un-principled, etc. They just can’t admit there may be some merit to the criticism of this cult in chiropractic led by TR.] “Many people who fail to develop a thriving practice here in Germany become jealous that others who do not have full chiropractic degrees from American or Canadian colleges are permitted to practice here,” he noted. [Perhaps, could it be that ethical DCs see the ruse of this program?] “They see it as unfair that heilpraktikers are permitted to compete with them. [Sounds right to me. Why else have licenses to protect the public from sham lay practitioners?] But that is a problem with the licensing laws here, not with me or the American Institute of Chiropractic. [Geez, this guy Styers must be stoned if he thinks enabling fraud, lay DCs doesn’t make him a part of the problem.] If we are to disseminate any kind of knowledge about subluxation, we must do it through private schools like the Institute. [Wrong again: you can refer them to legitimate chiro colleges, ya folla?] There is no alternative at this point, although I will continue to work toward that goal despite opposition from people like Janssen or organizations like the World Federation of Chiropractic.” [Obviously this sick WCA ideology is outside the bounds of decent academic behavior and must be stopped at all costs.]


Hopefully this charlatan will fail and the German authorities will understand, as 14 other foreign countries have already done, that the WCA is an unscrupulous band of Evil Vendors who hide behind demagoguery as they exploit this profession for all they can. Neither the WCA or Styers has any credibility whatsoever about higher education and have made a farce of chiropractic in Germany.


Until the WHO establishes the guidelines offered by the WFC, we can expect Evil Vendors to exploit folks in other unlicensed countries. TR will never stop in his effort to stain chiropractic, just as previous admonitions by 14 countries have not deterred his quest for worldwide domination. Logon on to to learn more about this sociopath’s evil intentions.


Since money is at the heart of TR’s motivation to exploit this profession for all that he can, I urge you all to contact the good vendors who unwittingly advertise in his tabloid to urge them to stop. I’ve contacted a few already that I know like Kent Greenawalt and David Singer, but they won't stop on ethics alone until they get more complaints since TR gives them lower costs compared to reputable national tabloids and magazines. A complete boycott of the money is the only way to get rid of this ideological cancer in our profession, ya folla?

Dr. JC Smith
Lord of the Galactic Online Alliance
"May the Life Force be with you, ya folla?" 

Dr. Mark J. Styers


I would appreciate you removing this piece of propaganda from your chat site.  After looking at this site, i can see that you are not the type of person to check your facts, or even look into who you are slandering.  As i have never met you, nor do you know anything about me, comparing me to Nazi´s is not something i take lightly.  I have nothing at all to do with Dr. Rondberg, and have not for more than three years now.  If you knew me you would know this.  

Again, please remove this information about me from your site this week.

Thank you,

Dr. Mark J. Styers



Just discovered this site - hoorah for telling it like is. Charlatan is to good a word to discribe styers. If he is licensed here in the states he should be held accountable for this outrageous unprofessional conduct.

Continue the good work

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