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JC Smith, DC, MA


An enraged Congress recently took Wall Street and Detroit executives to the woodshed to explain why their industries collapsed as they personally made millions.  Now Im waiting for the next shoe to drop for Congress to hold the reclusive AMAs feet to the fire seeking the same explanation.

President Obama said during his March 24, 2009 press conference that solving the healthcare crisis is imperative to solving the financial crisis; in fact, the biggest driver of long-term deficits are the huge health care costs that we've got out here that we're going to have to tackle [1]

If Obama and Americans are to tackle this healthcare dilemma, first we must realize the present healthcare crisis is not by accident but the design by a powerful medical cartel consisting of the AMA and its allies, the HMOs, Big Pharma and Big Hospitals, all stakeholders in the present capitalistic healthcare system making billions in profits at the expense of patients.

The problems are obvious: today medical bills consume $2.4 trillion annuallyapproximately $7,000 per person, which is nearly 20% of the GDP, and as much as half of this money does nothing to improve health.[2] According to the World Health Organization, in 2000 the USA ranked #1 in cost, #72nd in population health, #37th in healthcare delivery and the fact that 48 million Americans have no coverage. [3]

In contrast, France ranked #4, #4, and #1, with only 1% uninsured. [4] Obviously the French are getting more bang for their francs than were getting for our dollars despite the fear-mongering in the media about socialized medicine.

The looming question Congress must ask the guardians of health: why is American health so poor considering we spend more money per capita than any other country and have supposedly the best doctors, the best medical schools, and the best teaching hospitals in the world? It would seem logical if Americans spend the most on healthcare that we would have the healthiest citizens and best healthcare system in the world, but we dont. Why?
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