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more yellow journalism

Rondberg strikes again in my local newspaper!

Last Thursday, Dec. 11, 2008, I opened the free local penny pincher newspaper in my town, and on page 2 was a half page ad that only said, That's all--just this large text on a completely black background.

When I asked the newspaper who placed this ad, of course, it was Rondberg. Since his article is completely libelous, the newspaper now is investigating this act for fear I may sue them.

This again illustrates the depth of TR's sociopathic illness, just as he destroyed Peri Ness's Yogo Room after her assaulted her with an injurious adjustment w/o license or malpractice insurance, he now has the gall to attack me with his yellow journalism. If you've ever read his article, you understand how stupid it is and anyone who reads it will wonder more about the author than the subject (me) since TR's writing is so childish.

Since the penny pincher is a throw-away newspaper, I wondered how many of my patients or staff would see it and not to my surprise, no one said a word! No one, even the most ardent newspaper reader.

Nonetheless, it's one thing for TR to disseminate his unethical articles within the profession, and I certainly don't mind a good war of words on these intra-professional issues like TR's phony WCA, his obstructionism, and other assorted issues dealth with on this website, but when he goes public to embarrass me, he's crossed the line.

My attorney and I are discussing whether or not it's worth my while to sue TR for his indiscretion since we definitely have a good case. I would love to supeon him and have him explain his tripe to a local jury. Let TR explain his libel to a jury who is ignorant of his megalomaniacal style and watch as he gives his many lies. What theater that would be, ya folla?

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