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Golden Opportunity Missed

Golden Opportunity MissedACA Requests Apology from AMABy JCS


To put it mildly, it was disheartening to me when the ACA board vetoed my proposed Resolution that requested an apology from the AMA for its years of discrimination against the chiropractic profession. This came on the heels of the AMAs House of Delegates that announced a formal apology for its historical racism toward African American medical doctors (AMA apologizes to black doctors for past racism, by Lindsey Tanner, AP Medical Writer Thu July 10).


As we DCs know, while black MDs were forced to sit in the back of the medical bus for too long, chiropractors were thrown under the same bus. I believed it was an opportune time to exploit the AMAs catharsis by using this for our benefit too considering chiropractors were jailed over 15,000 times in the first half of the last century for allegedly practicing medicine without a license when, in fact, the real crime was practicing health care without drugs and surgery.


While this may be well known by most DCs, it is not common knowledge among the press or public. To this day, while many realize the medical profession has a bad attitude about chiropractic, they have no idea of its origins or its ugliness. As far as public perception goes, the Wilk antitrust trial never existed and the damage done to the chiropractic profession was never explained.


In one sense, its as if the chiropractic holocaust never existed and continues unabated despite the legal victory.  Thats why I thought when the AMA HOD issued a public apology to its black members for years of discrimination, it would be an excellent time to reintroduce the chiropractic persecution as well to the media and public.


Just imagine the publics reaction if it were aware of the AMAs Committee on Quackery established by its Board of Trustees for the sole purpose "to study the chiropractic problem and whose prime mission was to be, first, the containment of Chiropractic and, ultimately, the elimination of Chiropractic.

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