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Challenge to TR

Rather than boring everyone with these old articles that you think absolves you from the so-called Lies attributed to you, why not deal with the present issues that you're facing?

1. The defamation lawsuit filed against you by Peri Ness and the Yoga Room. Peri and her husband, Charles, took you in to their comfort only to have you destroy their Yoga Room business after you gave her an injurious adjustment when you had no license or malpractice coverage. You even wrote a confession to this that is posted, but now you lie and say you didn't. Please tell us why you destroyed these two innocent people who were your spiritual leaders?

2. Explain to us why the WCA board members, McCoy, Kent, and Gentempo, have quit the WCA.

3. Explain where the money donated for the Chiro Anti-Defamation Fund is? Allegedly you're using it for your own TR Anti-Defamation fund to pay Negrete for the many lawsuits you're in now.

4. Explain why RCS died and why it lost its IRB?

5. Explain why you're suing David Jackson, former director of RCS? Perhaps he realized it was a sham research project and distanced himself from you?

6. Explain why CBS cannot keep underwriters and why Compass and CBS are now in federal court.

7. Explain why you attended a drug rehab center in Tijuana with your crack head girlfriend.

8. Explain why your wife of 30 years divorced you and called you a "pathological liar"?

These are just the major issues you need to explain to this profession, TR. When you realize you can't explain these without lying, perhaps then you'll understand why no one believes anything you write on this discussion board. Or should I say anything your ghost writer, Barbara Bingham, writes.

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