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Lie Number 5

LIE NUMBER 5 "The Chiropractic Journal prints lies"


The Chiropractic Journal is a publication of the World Chiropractic Alliance and an advocacy publication for subluxation-based and neurologically-based chiropractic. Most of our articles are chosen because they are congruent with those principles. However, we also publish articles on a variety of other topics of interest to chiropractors.


When writing of professional or political issues, the Journal has always told the truth from our point of view, just as every publication does. We admit to having a bias toward that segment of chiropractic that is not permitted a voice in other publications, but we have always been truthful and fair. We quote from and reference documented sources and published reports.


Each time a critic has accused the Journal of printing lies, we have been able to clearly show the documentation to support our reports. Never once has the Journal been successfully sued for libel or other instances of "lying."


If you read the accusations about the Journals' "lying" you will quickly see that the statements in question are merely being disputed. I've even had critics say my publisher's columns are filled with "lies" when they are clearly my personal opinion on various issues. How can an opinion be a "lie"? Whenever my critics don't agree with me or one of the articles in the Journal, they scream that it's a "lie."


The Chiropractic Journal has been publishing for more than two decades and has grown from 16 pages to as many as 56 pages. If it were truly the "rag" my critics claim, it would not have attracted as many readers or advertisers as it has. The fact is, they don't like what the Journal stands for and they don't like having a competing publication that prints the information they want buried. So, they attack. But in this case at least, their intent is so obvious that it makes their accusations sound absurd.



Sometimes TR makes it too easy. Now he or his ghost writer Barbara Bingham tries to convince us that his yellow rag, TCJ, is a legitimate journal. If it's so legit, why is it free? Okay, stop laughing.

For those who may be unaware of TR's libelous rag in which he attacks his financial and political rivals, he quietly inserts the following:

This article was prepared as a service to the Chiropractic community. Neither the World Chiropractic Alliance nor Dr. Terry Rondberg, or any of their employees, agents or staff, make any warranty, expressed or implied, or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, service, product, person or process disclosed, or represent that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. Reference herein to any specific commercial products, person, process, or service by trade name, trademark manufacturer, or otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the World Chiropractic Alliance.  The examples and quotes provided are not intended to be considered to be representations of fact, but rather illustrations and/or expressions of opinion.  The statements made herein are intended to be opinions of the author made for the purpose of illustrating and/or expressing issues that are of concern to the Chiropractic community.

Terry Rongbergs most recent online epistle, JC Smith raises white flag and surrenders first battle, is once again fraught with his usual mischaracterizations of the truth laden with his customary demagoguism and sanctimonious self-aggrandizement bellowing that he was unjustly libeled by Dr. Stephen Perle and me for writing commentaries questioning the ethics of the RCS scheme. Apparently TR is livid that we had the audacity to ridicule this patient solicitation scam hidden beneath a veil of supposed research, similar to his defunct VSRI scheme.

Indeed, will TR now explain why the RCS went bankrupt, especially after he supposed infused $750,000 into it in a grand stand publicity event?

This is only a parcel from Attacking from the Rear, which is TR's favorite place to attack. You can read this entire article @

From Rule or Ruin, you can read how he uses his TCJ to attack people.

The late Garrison Pomeroy, President,, who wrote in 2001 a scathing letter about TR, From the Bully Pulpit, [CHIROWEB | DC Archives - (From the Bully Pulpit) ]


It is becoming increasingly obvious that Dr. Rondberg's agenda is to cause dissention to further fragment the profession through antagonism and dogmatic self-promotion of his own products and causes.

Ironically, these threatening letters arent the first time TR has libeled me. His most poignant attack was JC Smith Revealed: Chapter One: the Crazy Lady from the Laundromat." Rondberg Slanders JCS


Here are a few excerpts from his attack:


The following is the beginning of an effort to expose JC Smith for what he is [there he goes with his character assassination attempt. For the record, Im a WASP, happily married, great kids, owns two lovely homes, recipient of the Key to the City for my Dawg Jawg charity, and a former All-American athlete at Cal] a sorry, disenchanted, vengeful person who has so little in his life to provide happiness that he has resorted to spending a large portion of his life on his own pathetic vendetta, hanging out in his own perpetual laundromat waiting for the next newcomer to the neighborhood to get tangled in his web of distorted reality. [Just whos suffering from a distorted reality? Okay, stop laughing!]


According to his own website, James C. Smith, B.S., M.A., D.C. began his career in the practice of chiropractic in Warner Robins in 1980. What he doesn't tell you is that his career in chiropractic actually began as an employee of Dr. Sid and Nell Williams. [Yes, where I learned how NOT to run an office, unless you think free exams and $10 office visits is the way to go.] Obviously Dr. Smith did not perform very well since Dr. Williams fired JC [Wrong again, TR. I was never fired, I simply worked out my contract and left, only to be robbed of the $5,000 in Accounts Receivables I was owed by $id, who sent me a check for $800 that bounced! In fact, I had to sue him to get my money!]


And while Smith continuously calls people like Guy Reikeman "academic imposters" [Sorry, but I expect nowadays that a college prez actually have some academic credentials.] he has no shame about bragging about the rest of his "so what" and make-believe [?]academic background. Smith earned a BS degree in Conservation of Natural Resources in 1970 [from the University of California at Berkeley, one of the most prestigious universities in the world]. Wow, bet those classes were hard. [Anyone who thinks the University of California at Berkeley is easy is simply showing his ignorance.] Aren't those the kinds of classes kids take when they don't want to take the hard classes? [Wrong: it was a science-based curriculum.] Was he planning on being a Park Ranger? [No, actually, I wanted to study ecology and the global pollution, but being a park ranger sounds good to me too. You gotta a problem with that, TR? It sure beats being a yellow journalist and evil vendor!] Then Smith got a Masters in the Sociology of Sport from GoddardCollege. Wonder how much time he actually sat in a classroom there? [Actually, I sat in the classroom for 3 years while teaching/coaching at RutgersUniversity] Goddard's Mission:"Goddard's students are regarded as unique individuals who take charge of their own learning and collaborate with other students, staff, and faculty to build a strong community." Taking "charge of your own education" translates to: make up a degree you want to get, do some paperwork, fly in a couple of weekends and presto you have a Masters in the Sociology of Sport! [Just how is TR so expert on something they know nothing about?] You can't even get away with that at Life! [Are you so sure?]


Finally Smith then he enrolled in Chiropractic College went back and forth between Life and Sherman[no, I just transferred once from Sherman to Life.] until finally graduating with honors in 1978 from LifeChiropracticCollege. Though why he points out the honors - no one knows. [To illustrate that some of us Lifers were serious students despite the $idiots and Money Hums all around us, ya folla?]


 I wrote a response to his dim-witted article that he refused to print in my defense, once again illustrating his journal is not fair or balanced. But I am not the only victim of his journalistic fraud. As any reader of The Chiropractic Journal knows, TR is renowned for writing one-sided articles without giving his rivals any chance to defend themselves. More than once he has attacked me, among many others, without offering me any rebuttal, at one point referring to me as JC Scum, which is why I have to resort to responding to his articles online after the fact.


Another example, and perhaps the most dramatic, was a $20 million lawsuit TR filed against Frank B. Hall. In order to publicly defend himself, Frank B. Hall asked the Dynamic Chiropractor for a chance to respond publicly since TR refused:

Editor's note: When we at "DC" write a news story, we give conflicting parties the opportunity to express their points of view. This is called balanced reporting. Not all publications however honor this practice of ethical journalism.

Case in point: The front page of the WCA's January 1993 Chiropractic Journal featured an article describing in detail a $20 million lawsuit filed by Terry A. Rondberg, DC, against the WCA's former insurance company, Frank B. Hall. Frank B. Hall was never given the chance to present their side of the issue in the article, in fact Frank B. Hall did not know of the existence of the suit until it appeared in the Chiropractic Journal. Further, Frank B. Hall was not notified or served for the lawsuit until weeks after the article was released. To read the entire article, logon to Frank B. Hall Asks for Fair Treatment .

Obviously TR isnt interested in fair and balanced reporting, especially when his financial agenda is the issue. Sadly for over 20+ years now the chiropractic readership of his free tabloid has been subjected to misinformation, biased reporting, and yellow journalism on nearly every topic from CCE to VA to CCGPP to ACA to the WFC or my own commentaries.

Without question, TRs worst example of yellow journalism occurred when he printed a letter condemning Dr. Lou Sportelli written by a fictional Dr. Robert Marsh, who many believe this letter may have been written by TR in order to defame his business rival, NCMIC, of which Sportelli is president. Logon to The Chiropractic Profession Has Been Defrauded!  to learn more of this libelous action.


The fact that Dr. Marsh is not able to be located leads one to conjecture that he does not really exist. In a response to Dr. Marsh's letter, Dr. Sportelli wrote to Rodney K. Platt, editor of TCJ questioning the publication of the apparently fraudulent letter. In his letter, Dr. Sportelli stated, "The publication, which claims to be 'dedicated to fairness in communication' on its masthead, violated some cardinal rules of truth and propriety in its carrying of the so-called 'letter'; investigation points to the fact that the critical letter was probably a malicious concoction by the publication (The Chiropractic Journal) or parties unknown."


It is highly unlikely that the person or persons who perpetrated this fraud against the chiropractic profession (by authoring the Marsh letter) will ever come forward and confess. The content of the Marsh letter demonstrates that these deceptors have a very specific agenda which they have already attempted to force upon the chiropractic profession. Should similar actions occur again, a watchful eye will be able to recognize them for what they truly are.


Dr. Sportelli responded to the phony letter with one of his own: August 27, 1990 :

It seems to me that The Chiropractic Journal is the worst offender of all the publications in chiropractic. It thrives on THE DOUBLE TALK SYNDROME. It speaks of "Live and Let Live," then spends the greatest part of its tabloid space denigrating, denouncing and disparaging individuals who do not agree with its philosophy or position on issues. It is hard for an individual to win in a battle against a publication which is determined to present its viewpoint. Unquestionably, the pen is mightier than the sword, but one publication such as The Chiropractic Journal will not be successful in its yellow reporting if the remaining publications seek to print the truth and editorialize the issues for the entire profession to judge on their merits.


Sadly, most DCs turn a blind eye to this unethical situation since its so commonplace with TR, but that doesnt make it ethical or excusable. While this has become commonplace in the world of Evil Vendors, imagine if the medical profession operated in the same fashion.

The biggest lie is that TR actually thinks his yellow rag is legit. If a subscription were required as with all legit journals, just how many subscribers would he have? Okay, stop laughing.

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