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Innate Defender

A sincere message from Dr Terry Rondberg

As is the case with every profession, chiropractors don't all think the same. There are many differing views on the role of chiropractic in healthcare, the scope of chiropractic practice, and on the very purpose of chiropractic.

We used to think of the profession as being divided into two schools of thought: what long ago was called "straights" and "mixers." But in reality, there is an entire spectrum of thought within the chiropractic profession, from subluxation-correction by hands only practitioners to quasi-medical chiropractic physicians.

When I first became a chiropractic "activist," I was far to the left side of the spectrum, promoting a fairly strict subluxation-based view of chiropractic. The most vocal and powerful organization at the time was the American Chiropractic Association, which represented that part of the profession far to the right, including those who wanted to divorce the profession from its roots and disown the very concept of the subluxation.

I founded The Chiropractic Journal in order to give voice to the "silent majority" of the profession whose views were not encompassed by the ACA or its allied organizations such as the Council on Chiropractic Education, Federations of Chiropractic Licensing Boards, etc.

Immediately, I found myself under attack by those who saw me as a possible threat to their plans to push the profession towards a more medical paradigm. They viewed me as a "throwback" to the teachings of BJ Palmer and to the philosophy that made them uncomfortable and which, in their minds, was preventing chiropractic from being accepted by the medical community. If they were to succeed in positioning chiropractic as a medical therapy, they had to convince the world that they spoke for all doctors of chiropractic. To do that, they had to silence me and all those who finally were given a way to speak out and be heard.

From the very start, I also posed an economic threat to some individuals, companies and organizations within the profession.  It didn't take long for it to become apparent that I touched a nerve among chiropractors, and the success of the Journal, as well many of my other efforts, spurred my critics to intensify their attacks.

Sadly, most of the attacks against me and the type of non-medical, subluxation-based chiropractic I promote, were out and out lies -- and still are! After 20-plus years, these lies still surface and are used against me by those whose motives include political and philosophical differences, economic competition, and even personal animosity.

Despite the support I receive from doctors around the globe -- for which I'm really grateful -- time and again I hear from people who actually believe these lies or wonder if they might have a grain of truth in them. Mark Twain once said: "The most outrageous lies that can be invented will find believers if a man only tells them with all his might."

Some of my enemies have been telling the most outrageous lies that can be invented but, since they tell them with all their might, they have found believers.

I hope anyone who has read negative things about me will -- out of common decency and a sense of fair play -- read my information as well. I'm hoping that once you read my account of things, you'll recognize it as the truth and spread the word to your colleagues.

First of all, I want to say that, when it comes to being a target of these attacks, I'm in good company. These same critics have attacked other chiropractic organizations and leaders who refuse to abandon their support of traditional, non-medical chiropractic.

As an example, here are a few of the things one of my most vocal critics (a recipient of the American Chiropractic Association's "Outstanding Service Award to the Chiropractic Community") has said about other organizations and individuals:

International Chiropractors Association -- "WCA and the ICA, both of which have used inflammatory rhetoric to incite their followers against the evils of medicine and mixing, but behind this demagoguery rests their hidden agenda: their business interests and political aggrandizement."

Dr. Sid Williams -- "Sid Williams proved, demagoguery can be very lucrative, ya folla, even if he brought his college to its knees. Indeed, the entire "straight" faction is in shambles now--the once largest chiropracTIC college is nearly dead, the ICA and WCA leaderships run amok with conflicts of interests and dwindling memberships, and the modern healthcare delivery system continues to reject their radical chirovangelism as cultism, which it certainly is."

Dr. Christopher Kent & Dr. Patrick Gentempo -- "Gentempo and Kent, who are co-owners of this surface EMG that purportedly prove the existence of VSC! In fact, this device as been labeled by experts as a "So What?" instrument in that it doesn't detect VSC and is inconsequential to chiropractic diagnosis or chiropractic care."

Dr. CJ Mertz -- " I also recommend that state licensing boards should investigate those practice management gurus like CJ Mertz who sell tacky videos that smack of unproven hyperbole that only taints our collective image." And ... " Obviously as long as TV infomercials like Mertzs make all DCs appear as snake oil salesmen who blare out unproven claims and $200 exams for only $35, the public will continue to hold all DCs in low regard."

Dr, Dan Murphy -- "Dr. Dan Murphy, ICA vice-president, cast into this position when newly elected Dr. Fred Barge died; he remains a whiplash seminar presenter."

Dr. Bob Braile -- "Dr. Bob Braile, past ICA president and board member, owner of Now You Know, Inc, a chirovangelist-styled boilerplate website [ ], self-nominated for the presidency of Life College, frequent demagogue/writer for chiropracTIC publications, and owner of a $10 clinic mill."

Dr. Karl Parker -- "Although the Parkers have made millions selling this syrupy chirovangelism, does Karl Parker really think college educated yuppies relate to this? I doubt college-educated chiro students relate to this drivel any longer."

Dr Guy Reikeman -- " The lack of professionally trained academians to head these straight chiro colleges is abundantly obvious when we see that Williams, Clum or Riekeman have no credentials whatsoever to be a college president. Along the same mold of BJ, if one espouses BJs chirovangelism, thats qualifications enuf, ya folla?" and "Indeed, as the new-age godfather of straight chiropractic replacing the outdated Big $id, perhaps Riekemans new moniker should be the Big Ea$y."

Clearly, I'm not the only one drawing fire in the chiropractic profession but I am the only one in the targeted group who has a newspaper capable of fighting back and exposing the truth. That makes me a lightning rod for the most intense strikes.  Some of the other victims of this harassment have -- understandably -- caved in and tried to distance themselves from their former association with subluxation-based chiropractic. A few ended up being my business competitors and chose to join my critics in order to protect their own economic interests.

The purpose of this is to present my side of the story -- to finally put to rest the ridiculous lies being told about me, about subluxation-centered chiropractic, and about all those who have been targeted by these malicious and unethical detractors.

Before I begin refuting the top ten lies that have circulated around the profession, I want to make a confession: I'm no saint. Far from it. I've made more than my share of mistakes and demonstrated less than perfect judgment at times.  I've allowed my temper to rule my tongue and I've said and done things I've quickly regretted. My enthusiasm has gotten the better of me now and then, and led me to associate with people who later proved false friends or to endorse ideas or products that weren't as good as they first appeared.

But this makes me a flawed human being, not the incarnation of evil I'm depicted by some of my enemies.

If you're among those who believe I'm the Darth Vader of the chiropractic profession, nothing I say will convince you otherwise. But if you have an open mind and want to hear both sides of the story, take a few minutes to read my rebuttals to the "Top Ten Lies" told about me and my "fellow travelers." Then you can decide for yourself.


LIE NUMBER 1:  "Rondberg is only in it for the money"

One of the biggest criticisms leveled against me is that I am financially successful. I can't refute that. Yes, I have made what most people would consider a lot of money from my various business ventures.

I have owned large and beautiful homes, Mercedes cars, Armani suits and even at one time, a boat! While these things don't interest me very much nowadays, I have to admit that I've been lucky when it comes to money.

Even when I had a private practice, I was extremely successful. I had a high-volume office and made a good income.  For a while, I had a "payment" box near the door and instead of charging patients, I asked them to just put into the box what they thought my care was worth. I still made a lot of money!

Yes, I've been lucky, but I've also worked hard for what I've made. Anyone who knows me jokes about how I took a portable fax machines to the beach during one of my rare "vacations" and even now I never am far from my Blackberry. I'm a workaholic and an unrepentant success story.

But to say I am "in it for the money" is ridiculous. Chiropractic isn't really the best profession to be in if you're thinking only of making money. If I really wanted to make a ton of money the easy way, I could have gone to work as a chiropractic "consultant" to the insurance company, doing paper reviews on other doctors and helping deny claims. There's BIG bucks to be made from that, and very little real work involved.

Or, I could have aligned myself with the more medically oriented camp of chiropractors who charge hundreds of dollars per patient visit to cover the cost of everything from diagnostics to ultrasound and therapy.  That has to pay better than focusing on subluxation correction.

Or, I could have turned my back on the chiropractic profession altogether and gone into real estate development or stock trading (which, I'm sure, is what some people wish I had done).  But how many of us chose chiropractic because it promised us the lifestyle of the rich and famous? Like many of you, I went into chiropractic because it saved my life and my health and I wanted to do the same for others.

Even when I left private practice, my goal was to protect and promote chiropractic. My first step was to start The Chiropractic Journal because I felt strongly that traditional, subluxation-based chiropractic was being suppressed. The only newspaper published at the time -- Dynamic Chiropractic -- consistently advocated the ACA view of chiropractic and excluded opposing viewpoints. Most of my friends and colleagues warned me that I was committing financial suicide.

The first few issues of The Chiropractic Journal were only 16 pages, with sparse advertising. I paid for the publishing out of my own pocket, and continued my practice to pay for the bills. I had a single sales person and yet we rapidly grew in size and revenue. At its biggest, the Journal was 56 pages. Now, it's leveled off to its usual 40-48 pages. We still have only one staff person who sells ads. If I were truly money motivated, I'd have a whole staff of sales people calling every vendor in the profession for ads.

I've always been proud of the Journal but to tell you the truth, it's never been a huge money maker for me. Printing and mailing costs have skyrocketed in recent years. Many months, we just about break even. Still, I continue publishing because I still believe strongly in the need for a publication that allows for articles that promote the kind of chiropractic that combines science with philosophy.  If I lose money on it, so be it.

My detractors accuse me of making a lot of money on the World Chiropractic Alliance as well. At the same time, they continually say the WCA has only relative handful of members. Since the WCA's membership fee has never been more than $396 a year (and only $30/year for students), something is radically wrong with their math.

For instance, one critic claims that the WCA has 240 members. Even if every one of them were a full paying member, that equals revenue of, at most, $95,000 a year.
Do you have any idea what a Washington lobbyist charges?  For many years, the WCA retained a lobbyist who fought for chiropractic rights such as direct access in the VA hospitals, Medicare opt out privileges, commissioned medical officer status for DCs, and other important issues.

What about the attorney the WCA hired to fight for chiropractic rights at the court level?  How many hundreds of thousands of dollars have been used to safeguard our legal rights?

To give you some idea of what legal action costs, the ACA reported that it spent between $57 million on the Trigon case. Much of this money, most of which was donated by doctors of chiropractic to the ACA's National Chiropractic Legal Action Fund (NCLAF), went to Chicagobased law firm McAndrews, Held & Malloy, whose founder and senior partner is attorney George McAndrews, brother of Jerome McAndrews, DC, the ACA's national spokesperson.

Millions of dollars for a single lawsuit (that never really helped the chiropractic profession). Millions of dollars in legal fees paid to the brother of a top ACA official.  Can you imagine what would have been said if that had happened with the WCA?

What about the costs for working around the globe to make sure chiropractic licensing laws didn't exclude subluxation correction.  Or for public relations campaigns that have succeeded in getting positive coverage for chiropractic on television and radio and in newspapers and magazines?

The fact is, the WCA has accomplished a great deal with very little money. If anyone thinks I got rich through the WCA, they're free to bankroll their own organization and see how much profit they make from it! If they share my experience, they'll find themselves subsidizing the group out of their own pocket (and do so willingly).

Still, I have made money from many of my business enterprises, such as the malpractice insurance company that has proven such a boon for doctors around the country and sale of my books about chiropractic (which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies).  All the same, much of my money has come from good investments through the years and from careful stewardship of my assets.

The bottom line is: I don't have to apologize for being a successful businessman or for trying to help other doctors increase their income. There is no shame in poverty, but few people deliberately choose it. Instead, I advocate the old fashioned idea that if you love what you're doing and work passionately at it, the money will come. It has for me and I'm sorry if my detractors are so filled with envy that they can't forgive me for having more money than they do.

I choose my projects based on what excites me and what I think will help chiropractic. I started The Chiropractic Journal, World Chiropractic Alliance and Chiropractic Benefit Services for those reasons. Some of my projects make money; others don't. But the fact that I have made a lot of money through the years proves that I'm not alone in my dedication to chiropractic. Numerous people in our profession would have had to agree with me to keep the money flowing.

And speaking of "flowing" -- I keep the wealth flowing out as well as in. I've donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to everything from the ACA's National Chiropractic Legal Action Fund (not one of my best decisions!) to chiropractic college scholarships.



First of all, Im not sure if this is TR writing or his ghost writer, Barbara Bingham. Simply logon to to learn of the real writer behind TR. But Ill assume its TR and respond to his many confusing and misleading points.


I find it odd that his sincere message comes a bit too late after 20+ years of damage to this profession as its leading political obstructionist, yellow journalist, phony alliance prez, owner of two phony research scams, and antagonist to every mainstream org in our profession. This sudden sincerity is laughablekinda like Castro apologizing to the Cuban people after decades of terrorism by his evil dictatorship.


Even in his sincere message, TR still exemplifies his sociopathic tendency and demagoguery nature: in essence, he tell us to not blame him for his years of atrocious behavior, he did it for the good of the profession. After all, he still bills himself here as the Innate Defender.


Big $id used the same ploy for 28 long years as he ripped off this profession too, convincing us his demagoguery and exploitation was that of the Savior of Chiropractic, ya folla?


But the facts belie TRs skewed interpretation of his history. The facts show that his WCA is a sham org of evil vendors with an unknown membership that never holds meetings or elections. It has been denounced by the ACA in a formal resolution: ACA Resolution Denouncing WCA as sham organization. His WCA board has quit: McCoy, Kent, and Gentempo. Yet he still sells himself off as the prez of the WCA! Is this man nuts or what?


He tries to justify his yellow rage as the voice of pure chiropractic. He writes that I founded The Chiropractic Journal in order to give voice to the "silent majority" of the profession whose views were not encompassed by the ACA or its allied organizations such as the Council on Chiropractic Education, Federations of Chiropractic Licensing Boards, etc.


Indeed, its TR against the entire mainstream profession, all its organizations and hes the self-imposed leaderthe Innate Defender!


In fact, TR has used his yellow rag to attack every political rival and financial foe. Simply logon to the many articles that prove his yellow journalism:

Wrongberg Smears AgainRule or Ruin, Attacking from the Rear, Wrongberg Attacks

, Rondbergs Yellow Rant #1, Rondbergs Rant #2 , Journalistic Fraud, Journalistic Crime, Yellow Journalism Continues  or my favorite, The Most Dangerous Man in ChiropracTIC . (You can find these on the Articles page)


Anyone who thinks TRs rag is legitimate might also be the suckers, err, clients who signed up for his recent research /patient solicitation scam, the RCS. After months of much ballyhoo and PR in his yellow rag touting how this RCS would prove the Big Idea with field research, it lost its IRB, couldnt support with software the so-called research from the field docs, and finally folded with a whimper. This con-job cost its clients $14,000 upfront and a $100/month for nothing in the end! I do hope these suckers file a lawsuit against TR for his con-job.


Also, TR is now suing David Jackson, the former director of RCS who bailed out when he realized TR is a con-artist. David tried to make RCS into a legitimate effort but was constantly stymied by TRs attempt to make it into a patient solicitation scam. Depositions are now being done and will reveal more devastating evidence against TR.


TR also failed to mention in his sincere message that his CBS malpractice insurance company headed by his son-in-law is in another lawsuit with Compass, its past underwriter. Apparently TRs Book of Business is in the hands of Compass who wont let go, and if Compass prevails in court, TR will lose this business altogether.


TR also failed to mention the lawsuit filed against him by the Yoga Room for defamation and for ruining its business in an ugly PR campaign TR began after he committed malpractice on the owner, Peri Ness. Allegedly he gave Peri an adjustment on the floor of her Yoga Room when he was unlicensed and uncovered by his own malpractice company. Logon to learn more at TRs Legal Woes and TRs Woes: Part 3. To dissuade her from filing a complaint against him, he conducted an unscrupulous PR campaign in San Diego with his crack head girlfriend, Roxy, who is half his age.


Nor did TR mention his written admission of guilt to Peri written when he was attending drug rehab in Tijuana with Roxy. In a moment of sobriety while learning the 12 Steps, he admitted that he gave her an injurious adjustment, something he now denies!


TR also failed to say in his sincere message that his affair with Roxy led to the breakup with his wife, of 30-years, Cindi, who sued him for divorce. In their divorce papers, it was revealed that TR required $20,000 a month to cover his lavish lifestyle, including a $14,000 monthly mortgage that he allegedly wrote off as a tax deduction. BTW: the IRS is aware of his alleged tax evasion.


In this sincere apology, TR (I still think its Barbara Bingham writing for him) admits: Before I begin refuting the top ten lies that have circulated around the profession, I want to make a confession: I'm no saint. Okay, stop laughing cause this is quite an admission from this sociopath.


He (or Barbara) only addresses one so-called lie in this sincere message, so I suppose the other 9 will follow. This will be interesting reading for those of us who know hes a sick man. Perhaps hes cleansing his soul before these lawsuits come to trial because theres a good chance TR will be doing hard time if hes found guilty. Certainly his many con-jobs will come to bear when cross examined.


Imagine TR answering a few questions:

  1. Why did you write an admission to giving Peri Ness an injurious adjustment while not holding a California license or holding malpractice insurance?
  2. Why did you write off your luxurious home on your federal taxes?
  3. Where is your membership log for the WCA?
  4. When did you last hold an election?
  5. When did you last hold a meeting?
  6. Why did your WCA board quit on you?
  7. Why did the ACA denounce your WCA?
  8. Why did David Jackson quit your RCS?
  9. Why did your RCS lose its IRB?
  10. What research did your RCS actually achieve?
  11. Why did you attend drug rehab with Roxy in Tijuana?
  12. Why has your Chiropractic Journal been called a yellow rag?
  13. Why wont all reputable chiro colleges allow you on campus?
  14. Can you explain why the website has many articles exposing your illicit career in chiropractic?


I could continue, but Im getting writers cramp, so Ill let TR or Barbara explain these. Ill also be waiting to hear the other 9 TOP LIES. Im sure well all get a good laugh from those too!














I have doubts Terry wrote this himself.  There are too many negative comments I have circulating in my head about this individual, all the destruction he has attempted to do this profession, members of the profession and all the legitimate, honest, moral people and organizations out there, where would I begin?  I do not feel sorry for him at all.  I do not feel he is doing anything by writing (or having someone else write this for him), but to try to make people feel sorry for him while omiting just how he has tried to destroy everything legitmate.  Personally, I wish he would slip quitely into oblivion and none of us ever had to hear from him, about him, or even remember who TR was.  I believe what he wrote like I believe he has done anything to help this profession.  There are just too many open wounds remaining for a message like this to make me forget, forgive and embrace TR.




What amazes me is the man is allowed to interfere or be involved in a profession in which he holds no legitimate license.  How many other profession would even allow this type of behavior.  Are we the only ones that allow this?  Can you see a someone interfering in the MD or DO professions or CPAs?  They would simply not tolerate it.  Yet, we even allow non-licensed people own clinics in some states.  Amazing. 

So here is where the logic escapes me.  He claims to be the innate defender.  Yet, I have not found anywhere where he has held a recent active license in some time.  So how can you be a voice for something in which you have no legitimate stake in expressing an opinion?  Yes, he does have a degree in the profession.  So what?  I hold a degree in another profession which I have not been active in for 20 years.  Could I realistically expect to insert myself in the profession as a non-practitioner and try to influence policy, etc.?  They would laugh me out of the room and would not take me seriously recognizing I was delusional.

It seems sensible to me that if you want to have anyone take you seriously in a profession then you need to maintain an active license, practice or consult actively and actually be involved other than as an arm chair quarterback or critic.  One's legitimate and real contributions (not perceived) to a profession drive the willingness of others to take input seriously.  Without that credibility, no one is interested in or willing to appreciate someone inserting themselves uninvited into areas where they have no business playing.  Especially, if they have no license.  This is one of the criticisms the profession levied at I believe it was Stephen Barrett, MD in his criticism of chiropractic.  He did not even hold an active medical license yet he was trying to insert his belief system in a profession for which he did not even hold a degree, let alone a license.

I'll probably be told to go F**K myself again.  Oh well.  It did not bother me the first time he told me to.



Am not one for politics, you don't need anyones approval. As long is you know what you are doing what is right in your heart, that's what counts. If you can look yourself in the mirror and go to bed at night with a clear conscience. Am not hear to judge anyone am just here to serve the chiropractic and those outside of chiropracticbiggrin. Keep serving Dr. Terry!



The first time I met TR, I knew he was a fake.  He was so arrogant and you could deeply tell that he didn't care about anyone except himself. I always have a good feeling in my gut about people, and this was not there with him.  He only cares about himself, is nuts, and just not a good person, period.  He may think he's doing good, but he isn't.  He's trying to ruin everyone else because he can't stand to think he's going down.  What goes around comes around.  He's finally getting what he deserves.



yawnThis "Sincere Message" was well written article for Terry R-berg by someone, and they are to be commended for a job well done. However, I does not reflect the Terry writing style of the past.  This article is a significant and different Terry than we have known over the years. Perhaps he is reinventing himself.

Peter J Stanton DC. MS, DABCO


I base my opinions regarding Rondberg on his many editorials in his own Chiropractic Journal.

I found his "Subluxation Research" program in the early 90s a patient recruitment scam. I personally called the WCA phone number only to be connected with a private DC's office.  The receptionist there did indeed confirm that they had less than 180 paying members.  This was in the late 90s.  The columnists in the Rondberg Journal are generally those promoting seminars to increase practice revenue. The Journal seems to be an "advertiser" rather than a Journal.

Rondberg seems to stagger from one scandal to the next all the while equivocating and making excuses.  JC Smith has called him a sociopath.  If the definition of sociopath is one who is incapable of empathy or seeing the immorality of his actions, I tend to agree that the evidence available to me supports this diagnosis. Ironically, sociopaths are notorious for not being able to even comprehend the concept of "sincerity" so I am skeptical of the title of TR's post here.

I feel that Rondberg has exploited and hoodwinked the simple minded DCs who prefer to run dogma based practices, for his own personal financial gain.  This at the expense of the profession as a whole and the general public. To me this seems disgraceful.  I am not sure what type of person other than a malignant narcissist, could even show his face in public after such action that I have witnessed from TR over the years.  The Maharishi Yogi comes to mind with his 30 Rolls Royces before he was chased back to India but I digress.

I once lamented that the scammers in this world seem to never have to answer for their actions. A friend replied: "There's always hell".  I'm sure there is a special place there for sociopaths.evileye



This may be the reason why we're suddenly seeing a contrite message from TR--he wants to suck DCs into his MLM scheme! Apparently since his RCS scam failed, his CBS malpractice insurance company is on the rocks and may lose its Book of Business, his WCA is non-existent except as a figment in his imagination, and his yellow rag, The Chiropractic Journal, is losing advertisers quickly, TR has hit rock bottom with this MLM scheme.

It's not surprising that TR has fallen to a new low since he's undoubtedly broke with legal bills (BTW: it was alleged that the WCA Chiro Anti-Defamation Fund he's promoting is actually TR's own personal fund to pay his attorney, Carlos Negrete. This is another issue the IRS may be investigating, along with his tax evasion schemes) and to support the drug habit of his crack head girlfriend, Roxy.

We all are skeptical of TR's motive since he's clearly a self-serving sociopath who has no qualms about destroying anyone with is libelous yellow rag or by using his weird attorney to attack anyone, as we now see with his lawsuit against David Jackson and Peri Ness, the Yoga Room owner who TR once loved and adored as his spiritual leader.

If TR is repentent, let's see a few acts of redemption, such as him ending the charade of the WCA altogether, a public apology to the entire profession for being the political obstructionist par excellance, for perpetrating his RCS scam and give back to his clients their $14,000 plus $100 monthly fees, to end pubication of his evil vendor yellow rag, to apologize publicly to all those good DCs who he's attack thru the years like Lou Sportelli, David Chapman-Smith, Reed Phillips, Jim Winterstein, me and many other DCs who knew TR was a creep. I could continue, but these are a few of the many misdeeds that TR needs to account for, ya folla?

Read and weep at TR's latest scheme.

Straight Chiropractic has gone MLM:
 This email from Rondberg today: quote:
Network Marketing is being taught in more than 200 colleges including HarvardBusinessSchool. After extensive research into the network marketing industry, HarvardBusinessSchool developed three criteria that a network marketing company must meet in order to make it a most desirable opportunity. ZRII meets all three criteria.


I've heard from a number of doctors but I still need a few more to take advantage of this exceptional opportunity.

I was so excited about explaining my offer to pay your start-up costs, I forgot to explain WHY I was promoting ZRII in the first place.

As most of you know, I became a chiropractor because it helped me regain my health and I wanted to "pay it forward" by helping others the same way.

That's the same reason I endorse and promote ZRII. It's an incredible nutritional drink that helped me overcome my chronic knee pain and shoulder pain when nothing else worked! I introduced two members of my family to ZRII and both had miraculous improvements in their health after drinking ZRII for less than 30 days.

Frankly, I was very skeptical at first, just as many people are skeptical about chiropractic at the beginning. But once I actually experienced the benefits for myself, I was convinced. So, just as I'd done with chiropractic, I decided to tell everyone about ZRII.

I don't blame you if you're skeptical, too. One of my favorite instructors at Logan used to say that people are "always down on what they aren't up on." That's why I would like you to check out the health benefits of ZRII for yourself, is a good starting place, and see why this is the only product Chopra Wellness Center has ever endorsed outside of their own products.

If you still aren't convinced and want to speak with me personally, just call Linda Bevel at 800-347-1011 and she'll be happy to arrange a time for us to talk.

If you ARE convinced, just click here to download the application and agreement and get them back to me by Monday and I'll pay the $1680. investment for you to start your own ZRII business.

P.S. If you're concerned about ZRII being "network marketing" don't be! This is a legitimate business structure that is far superior to any used before. It was put together by highly respected business people and health experts and it's a program you can join with pride and in complete congruency with your chiropractic principles!

Terry A Rondberg, DC

William Ayres


i hope anyone who reads this or talks to rondberg actually goes and looks up all the lawsuits currently filed against him or looks at the ones he has filed


everyone who still lets him run their credit care every month should ask to see an accounting of the wca, or rcs, or rondbergs "anti defamation" fund or his Chiropractors for Wellness PAC.


anyone who is still giving hm money to the defamation fund should ask whre the thousands a month hes paying negrete is coming from and what its really being used for


anyone who signs up for zriii shouild asks about all the other mlm schemes hes been involved in and what happened to those?


what happened to bodywise, quixtar, chiropractors for wellness and on and on

anybody who gives him their money deservs what they get

after a year of getting ignorant chiros to sign up for his juice rondberg will not longer promote it or sell it b/c he will reached his market penetration in the profession. hell get 200 gullible dcs to sign up buy some juice most of them will drop out in a year because mlm is too hard and rondberg and his gypsy family will have made their money

i now becasue i was stupid enugh to buy into his other scams

Donald Imers


Notice how he tries to put himself in the same category as Sid Wiiliams, Gentempo Kent, Murphy etc. to take the spotlight off him when in fact they ahve all abandoned Wrongberg. His whole WCA Board resigned, RCS scam fell apart, Quixote went bankrupt, CBS is quickly circling the drain and hundreds have switched their malpractice!

William Ayres


can you imagine what a sharp attorney could do to one of his insureds in a malpractice suit? they could build a whole case arond rondberg and show how the doc is incompetent just because he has insurance with rondberg! run from cbs RUN you idiots!       

Sore Throat


I finally read the sincere message.  It seemed like the same old mess. When he quoted your positions on him and others I wondered why he saw those items as not true. I guess to him the accusations seem ridiculous.  By my reading you have creatively and properly characterized the problem children that we are putting up in our profession.

I also thought it interesting that he held himself as receiving special ridicule. Except for the website poking fun at WCA and TR, you have clearly been an equal opportunity critic. You have not held back on any segment of our profession that was wacky.

I can only assume that he wants to try to back you off so he can sell something else.  I believe you have beaten him in the ground to the point that he cannot fool as many folks.  And, he has to fool folks in order to make money.   Thats his modus operandi.

Im confident that he will continue his decline.  He doesnt have many friends left.  It is sad really.  I hold no pleasure in watching folks self destruct.  He had lots of talents.  Too bad he was unwilling to use them for good.

Take care.



I was reading the comments made about Rondberg not possessing a license by someone.  It started me thinking, although i have no love for Terry Rondberg (clearly he has lost the plot...assuming he ever knew the plot!), what about David Chapmann Smith??  This man rules over the WFC with no over sight what so ever, and he is not a chiropractor, nor does he believe in chiropractic...any more than this J. C. Smith idiot!

You people and your meaningless points!!

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