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TR Woes: Part 3



You may recall that Woodward and Bernstein during the Watergate scandal had their insider contact named Deep Throat. During the Wilk Trial, George and Jerry McAndrews had their insider named Sore Throat. During the LifeCollege downfall, I had many insiders who sent me information on a regular basis. Lets call them categorically the Subluxated Throat. (Okay, stop laughing). In fact, my commentaries about Lifes doldrums were so accurate and confidential that Big $id accused the CCE of feeding me information, which wasnt true, but close. Little did he realize members of his own staff and faculty were funneling me information almost daily. Apparently a lot of people wanted Big $id gone, ya folla?


Now during the last days of the reign of terror of the dictator-for-life of the sham WCA, Terry Rondberg, many informants are spilling the beans about TR, the WCA, RCS, CBS and his sordid personal life affairs. Nearly daily people contact me through my website, to tell me of his behavior and his questionable business dealings. Indeed, if just half of what Im told is true, TR is in big trouble that far transcends just a squabble with rivals. Indeed, he may have a lot of explaining to do with authorities like the IRS and California state government.


My last report on TRs woes showed the many lawsuits hes involved with:

According to records from the county courts of San Diego, it seems TR has had his hands full:

  • Breach of Contract/Warranty case: RCS vs. David Jackson: also named as Defendants are John Butcher and Nicole Jackson (12/08/06)
  • Harassment: TR vs. Michelle Roxanne Depalma (5/18/07)
  • Domestic Violence: Michelle Roxanne Depalma vs. TR (5/22/07)
  • Dissolution of Marriage: TR vs. Cindy Rondberg (5/29/07)
  • Domestic Violence: Michelle Roxanne Depalma vs. TR (6/13/07)
  • Harassment: TR vs. Michelle Roxanne Depalma (6/20/07)
  • Harassment: TR vs. Melinda Depalma (6/20/07)
  • Defamation: Peri Ness vs. TR (3/19/08)



In regards to his civil suit with Peri Ness, owner of the Yoga Room, who TR gave an injurious adjustment on the floor of the Yoga Room that left her disabled, in his Declaration in response to ex pare application for temporary restraining order dated March 25, 2008, TR makes some rather odd statements that you might enjoy.

Line 17. Peri Ness, Charles DeFay [her husband] and the Yoga Room started a well orchestrated campaign to attack me personally after an ill fated attempt to extort $150,000 from me.

Line 23.  I am a well known head of a chiropractic organization with international recognition.

Line 30. I have never provided Ms. Ness with chiropractic treatment. I am aware, however, that she was involved in an auto accident about 8 years ago and purportedly suffers from that incident. These accusations are mere ploys and inventions by which Ms. Ness attempted to extort $150,000 from me by threatening to bring this type of lawsuit. It is completely unsupported and I refused to surrender to her demands.


This last statement is particularly interesting considering TRs written admission that he sent to Ms. Ness after he injured her:


Dear Peri,

Im sorry I gave you a horrible adjustment and almost crippled you. I never realized how out of integrity I was. I should have never adjusted you. I want to do whatever it takes to make it up to you. I know I can never replace the time you have lost while you have been recovering, however I will do everything I can to make it up to you. I feel terrible that I injured you on so many levels, spiritually, (not being able to go to the temple and meditate), physically (not being able to walk, being in agony, not being able to teach or take class), emotionally and mentally (hundreds of people and everyone who cares about you at the yoga room has been stressed out and worried about you (and I know it stressed you out tremendously). I am sorry it has taken me so very long to realize my part in all of this. My ego, fears and lack of awareness prevented me from seeing what I caused you to go through. I am still searching for how I can and what I can do for you and Charles so I can repay you for the doctors bills and time lost. I know money is the minimum of what I can do now to begin the healing between us. I have used money in the past to buy my way out of my wrong doings. I am not trying to do this, I am trying to take the first step towards being responsible for the pain I caused you. Im sorry I threatened the yoga room and treated Roxanne so poorly. I know my words mean little to you, I get that. But I still am asking you to forgive me and give me a chance to prove to you that I have started to change. I understand you may not want to forgive me. If I were you I doubt my heart would be big enough or loving enough to forgive someone else if they did the things to me that I did to you. I miss practicing at the yoga room, I miss practicing synergy. I would do anything to be able to start practicing my yoga again. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter. I hope you consider this request before I understand you may never trust me again but I really hope I can earn your trust back someday. I know I owe you and Charles many more apologies, this is only the beginning. Im sorry again for causing you and everyone around you so much pain and agony. You are a unique teacher who is strong, loving, committed and honest. Im grateful to know you, you have literally saved my life. Thank you a thousand times over. In love and gratitude with deepest respect,

Terry Alan Rondberg



Theres No Place like a $3.3 Million Home

Well, his problems have only grown since then. In his divorce decree with his ex-wife Cindy, it is noted that he was paying for his $14,000 monthly mortgage on his $3.3 million home in Rancho Santa Fe as a write-off on his CBS business. TR allegedly has bragged to his confidants that he pays no federal taxes by funneling everything through his non-profit newspaper, The Chiropractic Journal. Its amazing what friends-turn-foe will confess, isnt it?


Little did we know it took an8,600 sq. ft. mansion to do his CBS business that is actually run elsewhere by his son-in-law, Tim Fueling. Also stated in the divorce decree are a few interesting facts: The parties have a very high standard of living. Their home in Rancho Santa Fe has a monthly mortgage of $14,000 and they ate out at the best restaurants in the San Diego area at least 3 times a week. Their monthly living expenses were approximately $20,000 a month. Yes, the IRS has been notified of this issue, so TR will have more explaining to do.


CBS: Cash Cow Escaping

Now we find hes fighting for his financial life with his malpractice brokerage company, CBS. Apparently TR had a contract with Compass as the underwriter of the Book of Businessnames of clients, policy amounts, renewals, etc. When TR ended his contract and gave notice to hire another underwriter, Compass failed to give TR/CBS anything more than the client list. Apparently TR/CBS also wants to have Compass own underwriting files, insurance applications, loss runs generated by Compass, Compass rating information, handing over raw computer data contained in Compass computer systems. Compass contends that TRs book of business does not impose on Compass a legal obligation to do any of these things.


Of course at stake is millions of dollars. TR alleges this data to be worth $5 million.


Compasss attorneys were rather humorous in their response to TRs attorney, Carlos Negrete, his attack dog.

Thus, try as they might to dress up their overwrought verbiage as legal argument, Plaintiffs are, in reality, unclothed emperors. That they wish they had negotiated a different contract with Compass, that would have obligated Compass to undertake all of these additional efforts on their behalf, we do not doubt. But wishing doesnt make it so. [pp. 12]


Plaintiffs Application for Temporary Restraining Order is long on bombast, on accusation, on unfounded and unsupported assertions masquerading as evident. We respectfully submit that is woefully shot, however, on providing to the Court a legal basis, supported by admissible evidence, upon with to grant the so-called emergency relief they seek. It is an Application, with apologies to Shakespeare, that is a taleof sound and fury, signifying nothing. It should be denied. [pp.20]

In TRs Declaration in response to Compass, he states: Since January 1, 2008, Compass has done nothing short of stealing commissions and RPGs that are our property. There is no excuse or justification for doing this and we have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Compass is obviously trying to destroy us by draining all our financial resources, while at the same time raiding our business. [pp. 4] (FYI: RPGs are risk purchasing groups are the result of the Federal Risk Retention Act of 1984, which permitted similar groups of insurance buyers to join together in associations to purchase liability insurance.)


The Judge in the US District Court denied TRs request for a TRO on March 25th and now Compass has filed counterclaims against TR/CBS. Apparently Compass feels entitled to a portion of the Adjusted Gross Commissions to the tune of $1.4 million. Trial is set for sometime in July. TR must be sweating bullets now wondering if hes lost his cash cow.


WCA: Say Good-Bye

Not only is this trial a huge problem for TR, but his WCA is also crumbling. Apparently his entire WCA board of directors have quit on him. As well, informants have suggested that Negrete is being paid out of the WCAs Chiropractic Anti-Defamation Fund. If this is true, it may be fraud and deception to the many WCA members who donate money to this so-called fund. No wonder TR uses his attorney so freely when possibly other DCs are paying his fee, unbeknownst to them, of course. I hope a WCA member demands an audit of the WCAs accounting inasmuch as its a non-profit. Certainly the IRS will be asking the same question.


RCS: New Scams Daily

TRs RCS scam is also failing. When David Jackson left, TR turned to another suspicious group of evil vendors at Quixote software, headed by Nancy Smith. For those 3-400 DCs who joined RCS at ~$14,000 with monthly payments of ~$100, they have gotten nothing for their money according to disgruntled clients. Not only did the software not work as promised, no one at Quixote or RCS could train these clients. One RCS client told me that this patient solicitation scam under the guise of research was a joke, bringing in mostly homeless people and other low-lifes. As he put it, I spent $14,000 on a pipedream.


Apparently the folks at Quixote are similar to TR with a history of unethical/questionable business behavior. Allegedly, Nancy Smith has IRS liens that she keeps dodging by not taking paychecks, instead taking cash from the company. As well, TR has another possible problem with his new-found business associates in that some suggest that they owe over $200,000 in unpaid employee taxes. Compounding that huge problem is the possibility that RCS/Quixote has been charging a 5% California sales tax, but has yet to pay that money to the state government. Indeed, just what are these guys smoking in San Diego?


Also, apparently some disgruntled RCS doctors refused to pay RCS since nothing was done that was promised. Quixote hired a new employee, a Cheryl Davenport, who allegedly began re-billing RCS clients using their old credit cards, which Im told is highly illegal in California. As well, TR is putting a lot of money into RCS now to cover payroll since employee checks routinely bounce, accounts receivable are all over the place and management there works only 3 hours a day as they take whatever cash they can for themselves. Apparently the motto of this Quixote company is to not work, but make money by deceiving clients and not paying taxes.


As one disgruntled RCS client confessed to me, I didnt know what I was getting intoI cant believe it. RCS didnt work, nothing ever happened, but its a money-maker for Rondberg.


When one RCS client complained and said he wouldnt pay another dime, TR had the gall to threaten him. Allegedly TR told him, Im over 200 pounds and 62 tall, and Im coming to your office to break your arms. TR actually went to his office in nearby San Diego, confronted this man who was scared to death, believing TR was packing heat, and TR was able to get a credit card out of him. This happened mid-day in his very own office. This seems to be TRs modus operandihe threatens rivals or disgruntled clients with phony lawsuits, the bellows loudly or writes disparaging articles in his yellow rag, The Chiropractic Journal, then he acts like the bully he is to intimidate people smaller than he. If TRs so brave, why did he run away from me at the FCER seminar at SoCal UHS a few years ago?


Considering there are 400 RCS clients @ $14,000 initial setup fee, thats a cool $5,600,000. Then theres there $100/month fee, which is another $40,000 monthly, which is another $480,000 annually. Not bad for a ruse. What do these RCS clients get for their money? A software program that doesnt work and a soiled image of free spinal exams that brings in homeless people. So, this is the great research that will prove the Big Idea as TR preaches. Such a deal, ya folla?


If you want more interesting reading, logon to my Discussion Board @


Whats most interesting are the vile comments made by TR and his minions, not unlike the verbal abuse I got when Life was sinking. I recall the many $idiots who wrote to me that I was jealous of Big $id and other such nonsense. Big $id and his pack of phony educators were spreading ugly rumors about me to the effect that I was a pedophile and that I raped my wife. Apparently Big $id took a lesson from Bill and Hillary on how to slander their opponents. Now Ive seen the same tactic by TR with the re-release of his two-part article on me: Rondbergs Yellow Rant #1 and Rondbergs Rant #2 entitled The Crazy Lady from the Laundromat. He also has begun a new website to attack me:


Please logon to these to see for yourself the depth of TRs depravity. Hes as loathsome as he is sick, as exemplified by this comment by him or one of his anonymous sycophants:


I hope JC Smith is finally revealed for the pervert he is. Last time my friends daughter Jill was in JC Smiths office, he tried to seduce her in his chair. Talked her into staying after hours for a special adjustment and needless to say she has never been back. Legal action is currently being pursued, but of course JC Smith has been trying to silence that suit. I hope JC Smith meets his match behind bars where he belongs. Taking advantage of clients in the name of chiropractic is a shame to all in the profession. Hopefully his license will be revoked and he can crawl back into the cave where he came from. Lets just hope he leaves the little girls behind and gets some psychological help this time!



This is totally fabricated, of course. Its so outrageous, its almost laughable if it werent so insane. After reading his character assassinations for years against me as well as Lou Sportelli, Reed Phillips, Jim Winterstein, Stephen Perle, Don Petersen and anyone who opposes TRs ambition to control this profession, Ive come to the conclusion that TR may be a true sociopath. According to The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, PhD:


According to the current bible of psychiatric labels, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV of the American Psychiatric Association, the clinical diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder should be considered when an individual possesses at least three of the following seven characteristics:

1.      failure to conform to social norms

2.      deceitfulness, manipulativeness

3.      impulsivity, failure to plan ahead

4.      irritability, aggressiveness

5.      reckless disregard for the safety of self or others

6.      consistent irresponsibility

7.      lack of remorse after having hurt, mistreated, or stolen from another person.


One of the most frequently observed of these traits is a glib and superficial charm that allows the true sociopath to seduce other people, figuratively or literallya kind of glow or charisma that, initially, can make the sociopath seem more charming or more interesting than most of the normal people around him. He or she is more spontaneous, or more intense, or somehow more complex, or sexier, or more entertaining than everyone else. Sometimes this sociopathic charisma is accompanied by a grandiose sense of self-worth that may be compelling at first, but upon closer inspection may seem odd or perhaps laughable. (Someday the world will realize how special I am, or You know that after me, no other love will do.)


In addition, sociopaths have a greater than normal need for stimulation, which results in their taking frequent social, physical, financial or legal risks. Characteristically, they can charm others into attempting dangerous ventures with them, and as a group they are known for their pathological lying and conning, and their parasitic relationships with friends. Regardless of how educated or highly placed as adults, they may have a history of early behavior problems, sometimes including drug use or recorded juvenile delinquency, and always including a failure to acknowledge responsibility of any problems that occurred.


And sociopaths are noted especially for their shallowness of emotions, the hollow and transient nature of any affectionate feelings they may claim to have, a certain breathtaking callousness. They have no trace of empathy and no genuine interest in bonding emotionally with a mate. Once the surface charm is scraped off, their marriages are loveless, one-sided, and almost always short-term. If a marriage partner has any value to a sociopath, it is because the partner is viewed as a possession, one that the sociopath may feel angry to lose, but never sad or accountable.


Obviously this description embodies TRs personality in many ways as shown in these recent events and lawsuits. Whereas Big $id was a megalomaniac who wanted power and money, TR is more than thathes a very mean-spirited, manipulative, evil man who has no qualms about destroying anyone who stands in his way, whether its financial rivals like NCMIC, or political rivals like the ACA, or a little yoga lady in San Diego. $id may have been a pain in the neck, but TR is a dangerous pain in the butt.


Stay tuned for TR Woes: Part 4.




Mary Ann


  • I hope JC Smith is finally revealed for the pervert he is. Last time my friends daughter Jill was in JC Smiths office, he tried to seduce her in his chair. Talked her into staying after hours for a special adjustment and needless to say she has never been back. Legal action is currently being pursued, but of course JC Smith has been trying to silence that suit. I hope JC Smith meets his match behind bars where he belongs. Taking advantage of clients in the name of chiropractic is a shame to all in the profession. Hopefully his license will be revoked and he can crawl back into the cave where he came from. Lets just hope he leaves the little girls behind and gets some psychological help this time!



Mary Ann, I mean Roxanne, why do you lie?

On Purpose, DC


JC Smith needs to grow up!

JC Smith has called Dr's Kent and Gentempo misfits and con artists. He refers to them as mere instrumentation salesman and sycophants with fringe views.

Dr. Chris Kent and Dr. Pat Gentempo, are two of the greatest chiropractic heros in the history of the profession. They are the co-owners of the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, co-developers of the Total Solution Program, Insight Millennium Subluxation Station, the On Purpose monthly audio subscription service and the consumer marketing and education package for the chiropractor - the "Celebrity Marketing Program".

Gentempo and Kent, who are chirpractic superstars and are the co-owners of CLA and CWA. Both have helped prove the existence of VSC! In fact, the substation has been labeled by experts as a defining instrument because it can help detect VSC for chiropractic diagnosis and chiropractic care.

JC represents the ACA and supports CCGPP. He is a fool and promotes medipractic, a stupid version of third rate medicine.. HAHAHAAHAAHAHA. Thanks JC, I needed a good laugh. JC cant stand to admit his fringe views are dumb.

Every article JC writes is so full of distortions and bias it is obvious that his skewed reputation precedes himself. Every good doctor I know laughs at him and his adolescent website. Like Hitlers propaganda machine, JC believes we are all stupid and he must think if he repeats his brand of lies and hatred often enough we will start to believe him.

The sooner we rid our profession of this lunatic fringe element the less damage these evil (LBP medipractors), the sooner will see a return to honesty and integrity.

The more we can shine the light of truth on Smith's nefarious actions, the more we can expose him as the hate monger he is with his bad anti-establishment attitude.

Demagoguery clearly shows JCs modus operandiarouse emotions and prejudices in his misfit followers, condemn and demonize his opponents when his classic con job is ignored. Certainly his bluster is nonsense and reveals how JC spits up his milk whenever his strategies fail as they often do.

He remains the gnat in the ointment that annoys rather than contributes to anything our profession achieves.

The time has come for JC to shut his shameful mouth. His band of idiots doesnt represent 0.01% of this profession, smaller than most state associations. JC is open about his yellow journalism, and hes shameless about his obstructionism and nepotism. In fact, hes a loose canon whos shot off his mouth too often, and one that needs to stay closed forever!



I think that TR's writing style is funny. The tone of the writing is quite juvenile and he always like to hurl criticisms he has received back onto others. He always does it  - to the Defays and to JCS - it is hilarious.  But sadly, TR's writing style also shows that he has a somewhat serious mental disorder that should probably be treated.

Frank N. Duberson, DC


An open letter to JC Smith, chiropractic Rothschild Agent:

So we have a new enemy in the shooting gallery. His name is JC Smith! This clone of Barrett, while ostensibly one of ours, spends his time trying to destroy his own profession.

Mr. Smith, you continuously attack Dr. Terry Rondberg who has devoted his whole life to keeping B. J. Palmers chiropractic dream alive. You attack Dr. Rondberg for selling stuff. You got a problem with that? I seem to remember you boys trying to sell me malpractice insurance. I see you boys raking in millions off mandatory relicensure seminars.

You criticize the WCAs corporate status as a benevolent dictatorship. That was a brilliant move in my opinion because it blocks the pond-scum of the profession from a hostile takeover.

I dont advertise with Dr. Rondberg. I dont need to. As to your charges that straight chiropractors have made chiropractic a religion, well, ok, its a whole lot better church than Christianity, Judaism and Islam, isnt it? One point of agreement, Mr. Smith, I share your disdain for religion. After all, religion has been co-opted by the same super gangsters who have commandeered your ACA!

You and your people have tried to contain us with your bogus consensus documents like Mercy and its successors. For decades, many in our profession have had their suspicions about the ACA as an AMA plant. Your objectives appear to be the same. The dumb sheep of the profession dont understand that consensus is part of GROUP DYNAMICS, a Rothschild-created blueprint for group CONTROL!

And Ill give you one more point of partial agreement when you point out Dr. Rondbergs affiliation with The United Nations, the Rothschilds World Government. I have advised Dr. Rondberg to drop the UN logo from his website. We dont need The New World Order running Chiropractic! And we dont need some ACAholes running it either!

The ACA has always been the driving force behind the enforcement of the medical model on chiropractic. Youre not happy just to do what you want, you want to tell the rest of us how to practice or be eliminated. You wont be happy until chiropractors are injecting morphine for pain. Who do you think you are screwing with, Agent Smith?

Why dont you tell us more about you, Mr. Smith. How many spines have you adjusted? How many IMEs have your performed? I dont see you condemning the chiropractic whores who take food off our childrens dinner tables and deny payment for all the hard work we do everyday in our offices. Why dont you go after the insurance whores in your own group? It is infested with them. Im sure you have a white sheet in the closet, Judge.

You spend an inordinate number of hours attacking the chiropractic profession and our dedicated leaders. Do you think we are just going to lay down and spread our legs for you? Arent you just a little bit afraid, Mr. Smith? For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Have you considered having a straight chiropractor start your car for you? Did you see what happened to Agent Smith in The Matrix? How do you like being on the evil side in the conflict between evil and truth?

We have drawn a line in the sand, Mr. Smith, and you have crossed over it. Were not gonna take it.

And we know once we get rid of you, and we will, there will be another JC Smith to step up, just like the drug dealers. Agent Smith, you are just one more reason to wear a condom. Maybe you can marry Barrett now that California is calling.

Look in your rear-view mirror, Mr. Smith. Whos that ****** in the car behind you?

Were watching you, Mr. Smith!

When chiropractics in trouble, who you gonna call?

Frank N. Duberson, D.C.

Dr. Frank N. Dubersonyeah, you got it!

Shame on you JC for apparently violating state law and/or rules. No, you are not superior to your colleagues. You are on a massive ego trip and the Board will surely slap you down as well they should.

Matt McCoy, DC


Who is JC Smith?

JC Smith has attacked nearly every chiropractor and organization dedicated to preserving the principles of this profession labeling them such things as "menace" calling them "evil" and making a host of unproven, defamatory accusations and statements. But who is the real menace? And just who is JC Smith?

JC Smith Reavealed
J.C. Smith

According to his own website, James C. Smith, B.S., M.A., D.C. began his career in the practice of chiropractic in Warner Robins in 1980.

What he doesn't tell you is that his career in chiropractic actually began as an employee of Dr. Sid and Nell Williams. Obviously Dr. Smith did not perform very well since Dr. Williams fired JC and this no doubt left a permanent imprint in his mind and serves as the impetus behind his hatred for the Williams and Life University. Anyone that has read his diatribes where he goes on and on about Dr. Sid and Nell knows that this is a deeply troubled man who cannot escape nor let go of his past or his jealousy of Dr. Williams' achievements.  It is interesting that he never makes any reference to this portion of his life and career.

What Smith does brag about is that he has a "nationally certified Chiropractic Rehabilitation Center (the only one in Georgia) but neglects to tell anyone who certified it. Probably the ACA through their wanna be PT's Rehabilitation Association (guess his center isn't good enough to be certified by Medicare i.e. a real Certified Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility CORF).

Smith says it "reflects his dedication to his patients and teaching them the basics of good health and how to maintain wellness." Wellness? JC Smith is a wellness doctor now? We'll get back to that one later. What his rehab facility really reflects is his selfish desire to make money, since if he really cared about his patients he would simply refer them to a real specialist in rehabilitation.

Or does he think his Park Ranger degree and weekend Sociology of Sport degree give him the credentials to "rehab" people? He freely admits his chiropractic training didn't do it. 

Notice also that he doesn't list any of his staff and brag about their credentials on his website. Chances are he has a bunch of high school kids in white lab coats holding clipboards putting people on his spinalators while he bills all his PI cases to the tune of $180.00 a visit.  I'll bet he has to keep those roller tables and Body by Jake machines humming all day long to pay for all this space and equipment. No doubt he is bilking insurance companies for these unproven modalities. Perhaps the claims adjustors for all those PI cases should start looking into his practices especially now that the Georgia Board is investigating him.

JC Smith Reavealed

Smith himself admits he has a big nut to crack: "My 4,200 sq.ft. facility has over $250,000.00 worth of spinal equipment to help those patients with the worse spinal problems." 

And in case you didn't know that JC Smith thinks he is better than you and every other chiropractor he tells his patients "Choosing the right Chiropractor is extremely important. Take a tour of his facility to see the difference for your self."



I am surprised not to find parts 4,5,6....10 on the Quixote Software/PPT4Drs.  This company is in obvious shambles at this point.  Down to two staff members who both are completely clueless.  Outsourcing all of their IT support for Quixote problems.  Chirowrite has broken all ties with them and will no longer provide technical support for Chirowrite users who are Quixote software users and purchased the software as a package.  Not a single update in the Quixote package in over 18 months.  Quixote is the biggest joke of a company and in my opinion anyone that is considering purchasing this product should be looking elsewhere!!  I expect very soon the day will come when Quixote software for chiropractors will have their doors closed for good.

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